FB Records

Jun 2018 - Sep 2018


Design Engineer, Facebook




Google NLP APIs



Nadine Levin

William Ngan

Fun Fact

I got to ask Zuck a question about accessibility on the FB platform.

How might we facilatate communication between generations on Facebook and design interfaces that are harmless for everyone?


Simply put, I spent my summer on the Facebook AI Design team being an advocate for elderly users and their storytelling ability.

The project was inspired by my own grandparents' desire to share their immigrant stories but inability to do so easily with modern interfaces. After much market research and interviewing, I iterated on a prototype to allow for intergenerational storytelling through audio. I built a web app with various AI APIs that made long-form audio content more digestible. Alongside this project, I helped build the Aging Populations Taskforce, a group that has a larger goal of including elderly users in the narrative of our platform.

Special thanks to my mentors William Ngan and Nadine Levin who were invaluable sources of support both with creating a working prototype and building an internal community from the ground up.

Please contact me for full project.

Enjoy these photos in the meantime!